Setting up an EAP

Get your EAP started in the next 30 minutes

Wondering how to go about starting an employee assistance program? At Associated EAP we make it easy. Here's how.


Contact our office on (02) 8007 7474 and we'll tell you how our EAP works. It's a simple, no fuss, 'pay-as-you-use' service which means no retainers and no pre-purchase arrangements. You only pay for what you use.

Our pay-as-you-use policy is particularly popular with our small and medium size business EAP clients.


Select your choice of referral arrangement. You can select:

Option A Self-Referral:

which allows your employees to anonymously access our service directly for a set number of sessions.


Option B HR Referral:

this option allows your appointed manager to refer employees to our service as required. Each employee is individually authorised by you to use the service.

You can choose to extend your EAP service to employees and their spouses, partners or families.


We email you our plain-english Terms & Conditions to read and sign. Our straight-forward agreement allows you to tick the options you want for your EAP and only takes about 5 minutes to read. Once our Terms & Conditions are signed and returned to us, your EAP is ready to access.

To get started...

Simply call our office. We can answer any questions you might have and get your EAP set up and available to your staff within minutes.

Once your EAP is established, our central booking office can connect your employees to counsellors in a range of locations across Sydney, the Central Coast and Illawarra. We even offer an online service for staff who travel as part of their work.

Simply call us on (02) 8007 7474 to have an EAP working for your business today.