DEI Training Workshops in Sydney & Online

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Expert-Led Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programmes

In today’s world, a deep understanding of cultural, linguistic, and neurological diversity is not just a nice-to-have – it’s an essential component of a successful and inclusive workplace. Our specialised workshops are designed to celebrate human differences, address unconscious bias, and leverage diversity for the creative and innovative advancement of your team and organisation.

Workshop Overview

Our dynamic DEI workshops are specifically designed to unlock the collaborative and innovative potential of your workforce. These sessions are ideal for everyone from general staff to leaders, and focus on improving your teams ability to relate, collaborate and perform with sensitivity and understanding.

Staff leave with a profound appreciation for the complexities of diversity and unconscious bias. They’ll gain insights into not just the visible differences among people but also the subtler aspects of diversity such as cognitive diversity (including neurodiversity), and implicit diversity shaped by unique worldviews. Your teams emerge with an appreciation of the value of an inclusive workplace culture and how they can be an essential part of it.

Key Benefits
  • Forge a cohesive and empathetic team
  • Enhance communication across diverse groups
  • Address and mitigate unconscious bias
  • Foster a respectful and inclusive organisational culture
  • Boost engagement, productivity, and innovation
  • Drive collaboration and creative problem-solving
Programme Options:

General Staff: Engaging 3-hour sessions

Leaders & Managers: Intensive 2 x 3-hour programmes

Customised Lengths: From 1 hour lunch-and-learn to full day team experiences.

At Your Offices or Online: We come to your offices in Sydney, or interstate, or also present online.

Group Sizes: We train small groups from 5 – 20 people, and for larger cohorts also offer seminar style, lunch-and-learn, or short Town Hall information sessions.

General Staff Programme:

A single, comprehensive 3-hour session exploring the foundational elements of Diversity & Inclusion. Your team members learn to better collaborate with appropriate consideration for a wide variety of cultures, perspectives, abilities.

Leaders & Managers Programme:

Dive into the business case for DEI, uncover success factors, and engage in action planning to harness the power of diversity for tangible business outcomes. Leaders learn to understand and mitigate unconscious bias and how to empower their teams to operate at the highest level of inclusion and awareness.

Session Breakdown:

Session 1: Exploring Diversity & Inclusion

Session 2: Activating the Power of Diversity

Workshop Components:
  • Understanding Diversity

    Discover the vast spectrum of diversity and its implications for inclusion and bias.

  • Appreciating Difference

    Experience empathy exercises and appreciate the unique qualities of colleagues.

  • Leveraging Diversity for Performance

    Learn to harness diversity for better performance and innovation.

  • Exploring Mindsets

    Understand cognitive rigidity and foster a culture of curiosity and problem-solving.

  • Inclusive Workplace Tools

    Implement strategies and tools for immediate improvements in workplace cohesion and creativity.

What You’ll Learn