Wellbeing Essentials Workshop


Using a mindfulness framework, this workshop introduces participants to a number of practical and evidence-based techniques designed to enhance their psychological and social wellbeing, and reduce the impact of stress in the workplace.

Our Wellbeing Essentials workshop typically runs for 90-minutes, but sessions can be tailored to suit your organisations needs.

If you are interested in a more thorough examination of mindfulness for your employees, you may wish to consider our comprehensive Mindfulness at Work programs.

Workshop Components

Participants learn:

  • The benefits of good emotional health
  • Practical models for maintaining healthy behaviours
  • ‘Locus of control’ methodology – empowering participants with their own capacity to control their thoughts and behaviour
  • Positive wellbeing strategies
  • The value of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness-based mediation exercises
  • Equips staff with skills to increase their personal wellbeing and job capacity
  • Promotes healthy behaviour at work and at home
  • Calmer and more effective workforce
  • Reduced burnout and turnover

I am very grateful this course was offered. Thanks so much…I will apply the principles in my daily life.

Something everyone should attend!

Interesting, beneficial and well presented.

“A positive initiative for staff wellbeing.

“Wonderful, positive course.”

“Relevant to all aspects of life, not just work.”

“I am going to raise this training at the next management meeting to promote practicing mindfulness as a culture.”

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Psychological wellbeing is also linked to other capabilities such as one’s capacity to communicate effectively, build good working relationships, and withstand stress. We offer adjunct workshops in topics such as Communication SkillsBuilding ResilienceMental Health Awareness and more, so feel free to ask about these offerings when you call.

Did you know? Google invests in mindfulness training too

Many of the large tech companies have adopted regular Mindfulness workshops as part of their health and wellbeing policies over the years, continually showing a high uptake of this type of training amongst staff, as well as a variety of short- and long-term benefits to their employees [1]. One of the most successful case studies of Mindfulness at work can be seen at Google HQ.

Since 2007, Google has implemented an internal mindfulness training course entitled “Search Inside Yourself” created by ex-Google engineer Chade-Meng Tan. This program adopts mindfulness techniques, leadership skills and emotional intelligence to create a non-judgemental, thriving environment for individuals to work within. [2]

Since Google has adopted mindfulness as a mainstay of their wellbeing policy, psychometric tests have revealed staff empathy, self-rumination, self-perceived stress and self-criticism have all significantly improved, and the satisfaction rate for this program sits at 4.7 out of 5 amongst the company. [3] 

If we look towards tech giants such as Google, it becomes evident that mindfulness can not only have a direct impact on team effectiveness and workplace culture, but is genuinely valued by the staff undergoing the training.

Bring the benefits of mindfulness to your workplace with our comprehensive 6-part Mindfulness at Work series, or our Introduction to Mindfulness session. 


[1] Jansen, E. (2015). Five Big Companies Who Swear By Mindfulness

[2] Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. (2021). Our Story. 

[3] Knowledge at Wharton. (2012). Google’s Chade-Meng Tan Wants You to Search Inside Yourself for Inner (and World) Peace.

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“What fantastic training provided on mental health in the workplace and the importance of educating and empowering our staff on this topic. The team thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which was engaging and lead by the fantastic Katherine Wagner. Thank you Associated EAP.”

Philip Divilly, Managing Director, Quay Appointments

“We have done several training programs with Associated Employee Assistance Providers and have always found the service and consultation of an extremely high standard.”

Toni Williams, L&D Consultant, Sydney Opera House

“Katherine presented to our team of 40 staff at our annual staff symposium and it was absolutely fantastic. Katherine was engaging and really helped all staff members relate better to each other. We were so impressed we wanted her back for a conference of 150 medical practice managers which also went really well. Very happy with the resources provided by Associated Employee Assistance Providers who helped arranged both the above plus follow up articles. Highly recommended.”

Lucy Peters, Practice Managers Chair, Royal Australian & NZ College of Ophthalmologists

“Effective and caring advice delivered in an easy to digest method.”

Stephanie Hunt, Human Resources Consultant - Storyful