Mindfulness & Wellbeing Workshop


This workshop introduces participants to a number of practical and evidence-based techniques designed to enhance their psychological and social wellbeing, and reduce the impact of stress in the workplace.

Our Mindfulness & Wellbeing workshop typically runs for 90-minutes, but sessions can be tailored to suit your organisations needs.

If you are interested in a more thorough examination of mindfulness for your employees, you may wish to consider our comprehensive Mindfulness at Work programs.


Participants learn:

  • The benefits of good emotional health
  • Practical models for maintaining healthy behaviours
  • ‘Locus of control’ methodology – empowering participants with their own capacity to control their thoughts and behaviour
  • Positive wellbeing strategies
  • The value of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness-based mediation exercises


  • Equips staff with skills to increase their personal wellbeing and job capacity
  • Promotes healthy behaviour at work and at home
  • Calmer and more effective workforce
  • Reduced burnout and turnover


I am very grateful this course was offered. Thanks so much…I will apply the principles in my daily life.

Something everyone should attend!

Interesting, beneficial and well presented.

“A positive initiative for staff wellbeing.

“Wonderful, positive course.”

“Relevant to all aspects of life, not just work.”

“I am going to raise this training at the next management meeting to promote practicing mindfulness as a culture.”

Contact us today to get your staff on the road to corporate and personal wellbeing.

Psychological wellbeing is also linked to other capabilities such as one’s capacity to communicate effectively, build good working relationships, and withstand stress. We offer adjunct workshops in topics such as Communication Skills, Building Resilience, Mental Health Awareness and more, so feel free to ask about these offerings when you call.



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