Outplacement Services & Redundancy Support

career counselling

Providing the right support to employees during the process of redundancy/retrenchment or career transitions can be invaluable to their emotional wellbeing and future success.

Our outplacement programs are designed to provide both emotional and practical support for people experiencing career displacement, uncertainty or change. Choose from a range of offerings, including:

  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Job skills development workshops
  • On-site redundancy/retrenchment support
  • Counselling

These services can be packaged to your needs and adapted to suit one-on-one or group support. Read on for more information about each offering.


Coaching: Career Transition

50-minutes per coaching session

Session content is flexible and designed to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual. These may include:

  • Assessing personal values and needs in order to help determine the best path forward.
  • Learning practical skills and effective techniques to help find employment, such as interview skills and resume writing.
  • Identifying existing skills and building self-confidence in the use and promotion of these skills

Sessions are provided by an experienced organisational consultant and careers coach. Typically, clients will benefit from 3 or more coaching sessions, which can be packaged with other offerings.


Job Preparation Workshops

A range of 90-minute workshops provided by an experienced organisational consultant and careers coach. Ideal for groups.

  • Identifying Career Drivers and AnchorsA career anchor is defined as: ‘A pattern of self-perceived talents, motives and values that serve to guide, constrain, stabilise and integrate individual careers.’ (Schien, 1985). This workshop explores the unique patterns of personal strengths and career anchors as drivers for job satisfaction and stability to assist in identifying the best fit of potential new job roles.
  • Identifying Transferable Skills:  This workshop explores each individual’s own toolkit of skills and strengths and finds ways to apply a Growth Mindset to focus on the positive contributions they can bring to new roles. Regardless of someone’s history or experience every adult has valuable skills that can be developed and articulated as work-ready, transferable skills.
  • Resume WritingThis workshop takes a different perspective on the art and science of effective resume writing. As well as applying current best practices to formatting a meaningful resume, it also explores how to write powerful achievement-based descriptions and a resume that is easily adapted to fit any new role.
  • Interview Skills and Practice: A key part of each of the above-mentioned tools is to secure an interview for the desired role. This workshop explores what to expect in interviews and how to build the necessary skills to effectively respond to interview questions. Most importantly, this program offers individuals and groups the opportunity to practice these skills with meaningful feedback on performance to build their confidence and hone their skills.
  • Developing a Powerful LinkedIn ProfileAs a useful addition to resume writing, this workshop looks at the key building blocks of creating a meaningful profile on LinkedIn. Participants will also learn how to build an online presence through regular engagement with the platform.


On-site redundancy support

Particularly helpful when large-scale redundancies or significant organisational change is taking place. One of our professionally qualified counsellors or psychologists will come on-site for the redundancy announcements to provide emotional and psychological support and guidance for those who need it.


Counselling: Emotional Support

50-minutes per counselling session

These sessions are designed to provide emotional and psychological support to help with the career transition. Sessions are provided by a  professional counsellor or psychologist.

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