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Employee Assistance without equal.

Employee Assistance without equal.

Our goals are simple. To provide employees with the best clinical care available.

Our beginnings go back to the 1990’s. Our organisation developed as a Psychologist network to make it easier for consumers to find a practitioner that suited their needs. We established a network of clinicians who met strict criteria for high levels of skills and ethical practice. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today the Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney group of companies are synonymous with clinical excellence and a dedication to customer care. The clinical arm of our organisation provides the back-bone for Associated EAP – a scalable program offering fast access to high levels of clinical care for your staff.

Unlike many organisational EAP providers who have a ‘corporate only’ delivery focus, we began and continue to operate as an associate group of clinicians who cater to a broad client base including the general public. This means our clinicians maintain a vast rang of interests in clinical care, study and research. Their work is supported by focused management and the infrastructure required to provide an efficient best practice Employee Assistance Program.

Our broad clinical focus assures that our associates are practicing in real world settings and are able to translate this experience to their EAP work with your staff. Our dedication to a clinical focus comes first. Associated EAP offers the industries most flexible EAP service, reducing waste and overpayment. We charge only for what you use rather than locking you into costly retainers. Call us to experience the difference.

Inclusivity: As practitioners in the mental health industry, we pride ourselves on creating an inclusive environment for all personalities and experiences. Our services are open to people of every age, background, ability, race, sex, intersex status, gender identity and sexual orientation. Call us today and chat with one of our staff to better understand which practitioner is best suited to your needs.

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