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    Managing Psychosocial Risk2024-04-10T15:17:30+10:00
    Managing Psychosocial Risk

    Managing Psychosocial Risk: Professional Development for Australian Managers

    Meet your WHS obligations with a strategic approach to Managing Psychosocial Health

    Now more than ever, managing psychosocial risk is an imperative for Australian businesses. Our interactive workshops are designed as a proactive and practical response to these requirements.

    Learn to:
    • Appreciate the potential impact of psychosocial risk on staff wellbeing, productivity and workplace culture.
    • Identify workplace-specific psychosocial hazards, as outlined by SafeWork Australia.
    • Actively employ psychologically safe mechanisms in your workplace
    • Identify key focus areas and adopt practical strategies to mitigate psychosocial risks and foster resilience.
    Workshop Description:

    In accordance with the Model Work Health & Safety Act and its regulations, Australian businesses are mandated to minimise psychosocial risks within their workplace environment. These risks encompass factors that could potentially lead to psychological distress or emotional harm among employees.

    Our comprehensive 3-hour “Managing Psychosocial Risk” workshop is tailored for leaders, managers, and supervisors seeking to adeptly navigate the key psychosocial hazards outlined by SafeWork Australia’s compliance policies. Through interactive processes and thoughtful discussion, participants will gain insights into identifying, reflecting upon, and effectively responding to psychosocial hazards in their respective workplaces.

    Key Components:

    Understanding Psychosocial Risks: Delve into the key psychological and social hazards designated by SafeWork Australia and explore the manifestation of these hazards within your specific workplace context.

    Psychological Safety: Understand the significance of psychological safety in mitigating psychosocial risk and learn how to cultivate a psychologically safe environment.

    Considerations & Key Priorities: Leverage the SafeWork Australia hazards as a framework to identify and prioritize areas for improvement in psychosocial safety.

    Equip your management team with the knowledge and tools necessary to champion a psychologically and socially safe workplace environment. Join us in mastering psychosocial risk management for a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Who should attend these workshops?2024-04-05T21:53:32+11:00

    These workshops are primarily designed for managers, supervisors and leaders to enhance their approach to psychosocial safety and thereby meet their WHS obligations.

    Is it possible to customise your programs?2024-04-05T21:55:06+11:00

    Absolutely. We work with you to determine how best to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, this program is uniquely designed to identify and respond to psychosocial risk management in your specific workplace.

    What outcomes can we expect from undertaking your psychosocial risk workshop?2024-04-05T21:56:37+11:00

    Participants will finish the program with a clear understanding and approach towards mitigating psychosocial risk in their workplace. Workplaces can feel confident that they are on the path to meeting their WHS obligations as they pertain to psychosocial health.

    Ready to enhance your workforce capacity?

    Contact us to schedule a Psychosocial Risk workshop and ensure your organisation’s attention towards a complete approach to WHS and mental wellbeing for all staff.

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    “What fantastic training provided on mental health in the workplace and the importance of educating and empowering our staff on this topic. The team thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which was engaging and lead by the fantastic Katherine Wagner. Thank you Associated EAP.”

    Philip Divilly, Managing Director, Quay Appointments

    “We have done several training programs with Associated Employee Assistance Providers and have always found the service and consultation of an extremely high standard.”

    Toni Williams, L&D Consultant, Sydney Opera House

    “Katherine presented to our team of 40 staff at our annual staff symposium and it was absolutely fantastic. Katherine was engaging and really helped all staff members relate better to each other. We were so impressed we wanted her back for a conference of 150 medical practice managers which also went really well. Very happy with the resources provided by Associated Employee Assistance Providers who helped arranged both the above plus follow up articles. Highly recommended.”

    Lucy Peters, Practice Managers Chair, Royal Australian & NZ College of Ophthalmologists

    “Effective and caring advice delivered in an easy to digest method.”

    Stephanie Hunt, Human Resources Consultant - Storyful