Employee Counselling


The Case for Employee Counselling

Employee wellbeing is critical to workplace performance and productivity. Employers are often in a privileged position to be aware of the psychological needs of their staff, and to offer help when these issues threaten to overwhelm. Our Employee Assistance Program is your partner along every step of this process, offering you support as a manager, providing necessary workplace training and offering a professional staff counselling service for all emotional issues. With our simple setup and straightforward terms – you can get your staff connected with an Employee Assistance Program today.

The prevalence of mental illness in Australia is often under-estimated. You may be surprised to know that in any given year, 20% of Australians will be suffering from some form of mental illness, and just under half will experience mental illness at least once in their lifetime [1].

This means that that 1 in every 5 of your employees may well be suffering from a mental illness right now. The most common emotional issues experienced by Australians include anxiety/panic, depression, stress and addiction. A recent experience of grief can also impact substantially on emotional wellbeing.

Low mental health in your workplace will have a substantial impact on your bottom line, primarily through absenteeism, presenteeism (where staff attend, but are non-productive) and low morale. Depression alone has been said to cost the Australian economy $12.5 billion dollars annually and is the cause of almost 6 million lost days of productive work [2].

The Warning Signs of Negative Emotional Health

If a member of your staff has experienced a recent loss, or is suffering from an issue like depression, stress, or anxiety, you may be noticing a significant reduction in their workplace effectiveness. Common signs to look out for include:

  • Decreased productivity
  • Increased errors/mistakes
  • Increased conflict, between peer staff or between management and workers
  • An increase in disciplinary and grievance incidents
  • An increase in absenteeism and physical sickness
  • An increase in presenteeism (where the staff member comes to work, but is non-productive whilst they are there).

These issues will typically make themselves felt across your entire organisation. You may notice:

  • Low staff moral and overall work atmosphere
  • A weakening of the quality of your customer service
  • Increased staff turnover
  • Loss of your reputation as an employer of choice.
An Effective Employee Assistance Program

Mental health issues are extremely treatable with well validated Psychological therapies available for most mental health conditions. The right support will have your affected employers back at work and operating in a productive and fulfilling way – every day.

Our EAP service is designed to help you support the emotional health of your staff and meet your employer obligations in a professional and hassle-free way. For counselling your staff can choose from over 20 office locations in the Greater Sydney area and major Australian capital cities as well as skype and telephone counselling. Start benefiting from the experience of our professional counsellors today. Setting up is quick and easy. Call us to find out more.

[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results 2007
[2] http://www.psychology.org.au/publications/inpsych/2012/february/manicavasagar/

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“What fantastic training provided on mental health in the workplace and the importance of educating and empowering our staff on this topic. The team thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which was engaging and lead by the fantastic Katherine Wagner. Thank you Associated EAP.”

Philip Divilly, Managing Director, Quay Appointments

“We have done several training programs with Associated Employee Assistance Providers and have always found the service and consultation of an extremely high standard.”

Toni Williams, L&D Consultant, Sydney Opera House

“Effective and caring advice delivered in an easy to digest method.”

Stephanie Hunt, Human Resources Consultant - Storyful

“Katherine presented to our team of 40 staff at our annual staff symposium and it was absolutely fantastic. Katherine was engaging and really helped all staff members relate better to each other. We were so impressed we wanted her back for a conference of 150 medical practice managers which also went really well. Very happy with the resources provided by Associated Employee Assistance Providers who helped arranged both the above plus follow up articles. Highly recommended.”

Lucy Peters, Practice Managers Chair, Royal Australian & NZ College of Ophthalmologists

Counsellor Reviews

We had to remove a long-time well-loved manager due to harassment. It was an extremely difficult and polarising time for our organisation and very tough for company leadership to navigate. Employee Assistance Providers were instrumental in helping us find a way forward. They organised company-wide workshops on harassment and assisted us in getting counselling for the employees who needed it.

Paula S. February 19, 2022

I can’t recommend the Mindfulness and Wellbeing workshops highly enough. Our HR dept booked this as part of a positive mental health initiative. I’m a bit from the old school where we didn’t talk about feelings or wellbeing at work, so this was new for me. I was, however, extremely impressed by how well it was presented and to see the response from our staff.

Erik W. February 19, 2022

EAP has worked with us to make counselling available to our employees. Right now we are doing a three-month trial, but based on early positive feedback this is something we will likely continue long term.

Sascha R. February 19, 2022

EAP Sydney is our go-to provider when we want to organize specialised workshops for our department. They continue to send great facilitators our way.

Nina C. February 19, 2022

A fellow exec in my network gave them rave reviews so I’m giving them a try. Booked a communication workshop for my team next week. I am really happy with how quickly they were able to set this up for us.

Anthony L. February 19, 2022

We have been using EAP for the past year. They are quick to respond to any questions we have and have provided top-notch guidance for our employees. Team communication and morale have improved tremendously.

Michael D. January 26, 2022

We booked the Bullying/Harassment and Communication workshops. They were both excellent and word of mouth travelled quickly. We usually have a bit of grumbling from employees about having to attend “yet another training”, but