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The Case for Student Counselling

At the heart of every educational institution are its students, which is why student welfare should be your greatest priority.

International students often find themselves needing greater support during their studies due to the challenges that arise from living overseas without familial or community supports.

Associated Counsellors has been offering student counselling services to tertiary education institutions and Registered CRICOS since 2009. Schools and colleges may select from the following support options:

College-Funded Counselling

This offering provides schools and CRICOS with the opportunity to fully support their students by covering the cost of a pre-determined number of counselling sessions each year. This solution enables all students, regardless of their financial circumstances, to access professional assistance for their emotional or psychological needs.

Fees are charged per session used, which means there are no minimum charges. Depending on the size of your institution, a small establishment fee may also be charged to get your student counselling service up and running.

Schools may select from one of the following referral streams:

Referral by Student Services: This referral stream requires students to request a referral to our service via their student services or pastoral care worker.

Student Self-Referral: This referral stream enables students to self-refer to our counselling service providing anonymity and improved access to emotional support.

Student-Funded Counselling

This offering is a suitable option for tertiary education institutions that are unable to fund counselling sessions for their students but want to meet their obligations to refer students to a appropriate care services.

Associated Counsellors offers a simple referral agreement to help schools meet their student care obligations in this regard. This agreement also helps CRICOS to satisfy their obligations under the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students. Please note that an annual fee applies to the establishment of these agreements.

Insurance-Funded Counselling

In some circumstances, students may be able to fully or partially fund their counselling via their travel or medical insurance. Students should contact their insurer for more information.


Associated Counsellors is a registered provider with GeoBlue International Health Insurance and is able to assist international students holding a policy with GeoBlue.

Selecting your Student Counselling Service

Contact us today and speak to our Corporate Services Director about the most appropriate Student Counselling Service for your institution.

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