Mental Health Awareness Training


“The training was exceptional, very informative and sincere, very compassionate on a delicate subject.”  Course Participant, Construction Industry, 2019

Learning Outcomes

Increasing mental health awareness is a critical component in providing a safe and healthy workplace. Mental Health Awareness training (typically structured as a 90-minute program) teaches staff:

  • how to identify the early signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions,
  • the importance of early intervention,
  • how to seek help, and
  • how to speak to co-workers if you are concerned about their mental health.
The Case for Mental Health Awareness

Mental illness continues to affect 1 in 5 Australians every year, with anxiety being the most common disorder, followed by depression. In times of great technological and cultural change, Australian workplaces have a clear role to play in the management and understanding of mental health concerns, both as potential contributors to emotional stress, and also in terms of the benefits Australian businesses seek to reap if they can sustain a mentally healthy workforce.

These benefits include reduced worker’s compensation claims, enhanced productivity, reduced presenteeism, reduced absenteeism, and higher staff retention rates. Indeed, a SafeWork NSW government report released in October 2017 revealed that workplace health promotions have an ROI of $2.86 for small to medium businesses, and $4.01 for large companies. Yet despite the demonstrated return on investment, only half of Australia’s workplaces have mental health measures in place (SafeWork NSW 2017).

In addition to the obvious financial benefits, Australian employers are also now legally obligated to provide mentally safe and healthy workplace environments for their staff. Mental Health Awareness Training is a crucial component in meeting and demonstrating this function.

Workshop Components

Give your staff a clear picture of both positive and problematic mental health so that they can star taking care of their own mental health and the mental health of their co-workers. Your staff will learn:

  • Why mental health awareness is important
  • What is mental health and what is mental illness
  • Common causes, signs and symptoms of mental illness
  • The relationship between stress and poor mental health
  • The importance of early intervention and how to seek help
  • How to recognise when help is needed
  • How to offer support
  • Suicide awareness

Extended 2-3 hour courses are also available providing a deeply interactive learning experience and promoting an advanced culture of reciprocal care among your team members.

Outcomes & Benefits
  • Promotes a mentally safe and healthy workplace
  • Reduces stigma and prevents discrimination
  • Encourages employees to look after their own mental health
  • Reduces risks associated with poor mental health, including suicide
  • Enhances employee wellbeing, leading to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism amongst staff
Formats and Delivery

Workshops are ideally delivered at your workplace in small groups of up to 15 participants. Larger seminar formats are also available if required.

All of our facilitators are professional, degree-qualified Counsellors or Registered Psychologists with experience in training and development.

Standard Course format of 1.5 hours.

Extended Course Options
Mental Health Awareness for Managers

This program can be delivered in a standard 2 hour format or as a half or whole day program.

The Managers unit specifically addresses the additional responsibilities associated with management positions, and trains managers to better understand and support their staff around issues relating to mental health. Longer formats such as our half and whole day format provide an opportunity to tailor the program to your unique business objectives or values.

Mental Health Awareness For High Risk Employees

This program which highlights the potential effects of working under ongoing stress, and the especial importance of self-care for workers in these industries. This course is suitable for workers who are at a higher risk of developing mental illness than others due to the particularly emotional or stressful nature of their work (e.g paramedics, funeral workers, security staff, police, criminal lawyers and social workers).


Previous participants of these workshops have commented:

Exceeded my expectations. Very useful and empathetic. Our trainer was highly professional and made the topics interesting”

Extremely informative. I learned so much and I can hopefully help someone in the future

The trainer was amazing, very eye-opening. Thank you

Very calm presence, encouraging without feeling one has to participate. This type of session helps to break down the stereotypes/views of mental health – and encourages the conversation.”

“Very important, and informative, and real”.

“Good session on mental health. It is important to look out for yourself and others and don’t be afraid to ask for help”

“The training is very interactive and beneficial not only to our workplace, but also our personal lives.”

“The course enhanced our understanding of each other’s perspectives and allowed us to interact at a deeper level…and provided us opportunities to enhance our communications and personal strategies to deal with adversity and challenging situations.”

The refresher course was exactly what was needed to continue with our efforts to raise mental health in the workplace.” Reozone Sept 2020

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