Building Resilience & Psychological Endurance


A mentally tough workforce is better able to manage and adapt to stressful situations and environments.

The ability to overcome stressful situations is an invaluable skill to have in the workplace. By adopting a more resilient, or mentally tough mindset, staff increase their capacity to cope with challenges and increase productivity.

Our Building Resilience seminar (ranging from 1 – 3 hours in duration) promotes psychological endurance by providing participants with skills to help them respond more adaptively to external pressures, such as increased workloads, difficult relationships and organisational change.

Our short workshop program can be delivered in-house at your convenience, ideally in small groups of around 15 people. All our presenters are professional, degree-qualified counsellors or registered psychologists, with vast experience in training. Many are also practising therapists and supervisors.


Participants learn:

  • The benefits and characteristics of resilience
  • Practical models to manage internal and external reactions
  • Theories of productive energy allocation
  • Stress reduction exercises


  • Equips staff with the skills to cope better with stress
  • Improves workplace communication
  • Increased employee confidence
  • Increased employee capacity and organisational productivity
  • Enhanced job satisfaction and morale
  • Reduced absenteeism and burnout

Complementary Offerings

We also offer a range of other workshops designed to help your staff self-care, develop general wellbeing and recognise the signs of poor mental health in themselves and in others. Complementary programs include: Mindfulness & Wellbeing, Mental Health Awareness, and Communication Skills.

What participants say

Loved it! Really worthwhile training and good to connect with others in the business that I don’t normally interact with.”

“My HR colleagues all commented on how this was one of the best Resilience sessions they have attended. Katherine built a good rapport with the group and had them all fully engaged.”

Thank you, the training was enlightening and empowering.

Katherine is a brilliant speaker and very engaging.”

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