Preventing Vicarious Trauma

For some staff, the risks of secondary trauma and burn-out are extremely high due simply to the nature of their work. These staff often need extra resources and protection to secure their mental wellbeing.

Vicarious trauma can result from continued exposure to the trauma of others. People in certain occupations, such as first responders, social workers, some media reporters and others in helping professions, are at greater risk of developing vicarious trauma. This is because they are regularly dealing with highly emotional and challenging situations or people.

For many of these workers, staff work in an environment of sustained high pressure and emotional vulnerability.

Our 2-hour workshop on Vicarious Trauma assists staff in high-risk occupations to better safeguard themselves and their colleagues against cumulative stress and vicarious trauma. It helps staff understand the potential impact of their work on their wellbeing, and introduces strategies to combat undue stress or trauma responses.

Key Components

The workshop will cover the following elements:

  • Understanding the different forms of trauma, and the impact of cumulative stress.
  • Emotional responses to trauma and how to identify them in themselves and others.
  • Signs of vicarious trauma.
  • Self-care strategies to promote wellbeing.
  • Finding the positives in trauma exposure and thereby cultivating vicarious resilience.
  • Referral to professional support services.
Outcomes and Benefits

Participants gain:

  • A better understanding of the meaning and risks associated with vicarious trauma and cumulative stress.
  • An increased capacity to recognise the emotional impact of vicarious trauma.
  • Improved emotion regulation and resilience
  • Increased capacity to care for themselves and others.
  • Greater insight into their own individual trauma response style.
  • An understanding of the key features and benefits of building vicarious resilience, and how it can help them in their work.

Organisations gain:

  • Improved awareness of the support needs of their staff
  • Reduced absenteeism and burn-out
  • Reduced turnover and associated staff recruitment costs
  • Lower stress claims

Previous participants of these workshops have commented that:

It was helpful for us not just in terms of vicarious trauma – but in general terms of recognising stress, which we now understand creates a heightened risk of suffering these symptoms

We were engaged throughout the session. It was a true discussion with exercises.

Our facilitator created a very welcoming environment where I felt comfortable to share my thoughts

Vital training for journalists

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Related Courses

Complementary programs include Building Resilience Understanding Grief, and Working with Challenging Customer Behaviour. We are also able to develop value programs using a Mindfulness framework as a powerful methodology to support staff in high-risk roles.

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“What fantastic training provided on mental health in the workplace and the importance of educating and empowering our staff on this topic. The team thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which was engaging and lead by the fantastic Katherine Wagner. Thank you Associated EAP.”

Philip Divilly, Managing Director, Quay Appointments

“We have done several training programs with Associated Employee Assistance Providers and have always found the service and consultation of an extremely high standard.”

Toni Williams, L&D Consultant, Sydney Opera House

“Katherine presented to our team of 40 staff at our annual staff symposium and it was absolutely fantastic. Katherine was engaging and really helped all staff members relate better to each other. We were so impressed we wanted her back for a conference of 150 medical practice managers which also went really well. Very happy with the resources provided by Associated Employee Assistance Providers who helped arranged both the above plus follow up articles. Highly recommended.”

Lucy Peters, Practice Managers Chair, Royal Australian & NZ College of Ophthalmologists

“Effective and caring advice delivered in an easy to digest method.”

Stephanie Hunt, Human Resources Consultant - Storyful

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