The Power of Positivity

wellbeing and positivity at work
“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.” William James, Philosopher and Psychologist

A short workshop to help you harness the power of positive psychology

Positive psychology involves the study of positive emotions, incorporating principles of happiness, optimal performance, wellbeing, creativity, and the character traits related to success. In a nutshell, positive psychology is “the scientific study of what makes life most worth living” (Peterson, 2008).

Research has shown that positivity is contagious, in day-to-day life and in the workplace. So when an employee taps into their positive emotions and enhances their wellbeing, the benefits can spread throughout their team and in turn, throughout the organisation.

It is interesting to note that the field of organisational psychology is largely based on the principles of positive psychology, which provides people with the tools to harness their individual strengths, and enhance their productivity, life satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

About the workshop

The Power of Positivity is a short 90-minute workshop which introduces your staff to the power of positive emotions and thinking.

Your staff will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of positive psychology, and their value to wellbeing, job satisfaction and workplace success. Importantly, participants will explore how these principles can be applied to their working (and personal) lives in order to derive practical benefit from the theories presented.

Topics include:

  • the history and key principles of positive psychology
  • the proven benefits of positive psychology
  • key aspects of Positive Psychology including the concepts of PERMA, learned optimism, flow, positivity, mindfulness & happiness
  • applying positive psychology to everyday life and work.

The workshop is suitable for online or in-person delivery, for groups of up to 15 participants, and is relevant to employees, managers and supervisors alike.

If you’re not utilising positive psychology in your workplace, you are missing out on enormous benefits.

The ROI of using positive psychology in the workplace are well evidenced. Take a look at the following findings by some of the world’s most reputable HR and People Management companies:

  • 33% increase in profits (Gallup Inc.)
  • 43% more productivity (Hay Group)
  • 37% increase in sales (Shawn Achor)
  • 50% less workplace safety incidents (Babcock Marine Clyde)
  • 51% lower employee turnover (Gallup)
  • 66% decrease in sick leave (Forbes)
  • 125% reduction in burn out rate (Harvard Business Review)
  • 300% increase in innovation (Harvard Business Review)

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