Making Time Work for You

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“You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.” Benjamin Franklin

This engaging 90-minute Time Management workshop is designed to improve the way your employees manage their time, both at work and outside of work. Drawing upon modern research in coaching psychology and using proven time management strategies, the course enables participants to better manage competing demands on their time.

Participants will learn evidence-based skills for clarifying their values, setting effective goals, prioritising tasks and maintaining motivation. A series of practical exercises will provide participants with direct learning experience in implementing these strategies.

The course aims to provide validation about the modern pressures of balancing time, and encourage participants to take a proactive mindset towards their use of time. The course aims to develop time management skills in all life quadrants, with a particular focus on enhancing productivity and wellbeing at work.

Designed as a 90 minute program, this workshop is ideally presented in a small group format for up to 15 people per workshop. Programs are offered on-site at your workplace.

Key Workshop Components

Participants will:

  • Understand the value of effective time management
  • Develop a critical and realistic mindset about their use of time
  • Learn how to assess their ‘time spend’ and develop a ‘time budget’
  • Achieve an awareness of their key personal values
  • Learn how to set SMART GOALS
  • Learn prioritisation skills
  • Develop strategies for maintaining motivation
  • Learn to set effective goals
  • Identify common barriers to effective time management and learn skills to address these.

Participants will also be provided with a resources guide of current apps and other tools to assist them in managing their time.

Key Benefits

  • Improved overall productivity
  • Improved capacity to prioritise
  • Reduced stress and frustration
  • Reduced burnout

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