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Building Respectful Workplaces

respectful relationships at work

You have a duty of care to provide a safe and respectful workplace

Employers have a duty of care to ensure their staff are working in a respectful environment free from discrimination, bullying or harassment. But identifying these poor behaviours in the workplace is not always straightforward. Unfair treatment may be overt and blatantly obvious but often, it is subtle and even unintentional, with the perpetrator oblivious to the serious harm they are causing.

Whilst these issues are complex, it is possible to tackle these issues at the core by building respect, empathy and […]

Psychological Hazards to Employee Wellbeing

psychological risks at work

Psychological hazards in the workplace are any factors that may adversely influence an employee’s mental health and wellbeing at work. Organisational and job design can play a huge role in a person’s psychological wellbeing. By identifying and addressing psychological hazards in the workplace, employers can improve employee satisfaction and motivation, as well as prevent mental health issues from escalating.

Hazards that impact employee wellbeing may relate to job content, organisational structure and culture, or to individual attributes

Job Role Factors incl.
Organisational Factors […]

Managing a Hybrid Workforce

90% of Australians want a hybrid workplace model.

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and for many workplaces, some of these changes are here to stay. Even though many people have the option of returning to the workplace, the hybrid model – in which some employees are based in the office and others work remotely – is expected to gain popularity around the world. 

A recent survey conducted by PwC found that 90% of Australians want to maintain the option to work from home (1). For many people, the benefits simply outweigh the challenges. Since the hybrid model […]

What’s the ROI on an EAP?

These days, most employers are aware that healthier, happier employees are more effective at their jobs. More companies than ever are investing in the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. But managers still need to validate this expense, and that’s not so simple with something as intangible as emotional wellbeing.

So what are the measurable outcomes of an Employee Assistance Program, and how beneficial is this to your bottom line? Let’s take a look at some of the costs and benefits.

The costs of a mentally unhealthy workplace are huge

Mental illness, stress, burnout, bullying […]

Special Edition: The Challenges of WFH

challenges of WFH

More and more people are now working from home and in some industries or workplaces, this could be a permanent shift. While working from home can be great in many ways, it can also be really tough. Below we outline some of the key areas to consider and improve on when adjusting to working from home:

Create work/life boundaries through physical separation or daily rituals
Combat loneliness by providing opportunities for social connection
Avoid Zoom fatigue
Create open communication with employees so you’re aware of their specific challenges.

Share with your colleagues and employees today to help everyone […]

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