Leadership Excellence: Key Principles

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” John Adams, Second President of the United States of America


Leaders have a direct influence on the behaviour and performance of their teams and employees. When utilised effectively, this influence can transform an organisation’s productivity and culture.

Effective leaders inspire, guide and motivate their employees to perform at their full potential, generating a successful, effective, satisfied and high-functioning workforce.

Our Leadership Excellence program is management training at its most comprehensive and relevant. Underpinned by a strengths-based framework and the latest principles of adult learning, this 6-module program is designed to help people leaders and supervisors at all levels explore the skills and strategies needed to ensure effective and inspirational leadership in your workplace.

Participants will learn how to utilise their own strengths to effectively lead, coach and motivate their teams, drive performance, and improve overall outcomes for their organisation. This program is suitable also for frontline and emerging leaders.

Key Benefits
  • Harness the strengths of your managers
  • Make better management decisions
  • More cohesive and productive teams
  • Improved employee engagement and retention
  • Develop and nurture high-performing teams
  • Reach your professional leadership goals
  • Enhanced workplace culture
  • A more productive and profitable workplace
Program Overview: What to expect from each module.


Gain an understanding of the Positive Psychology Framework and the most effective approaches to leadership. Identify your own leadership style and learn strategies to harness your strengths, overcome blind spots and lead with authenticity.


Learn to better identify and utilise the strengths of individuals in your team, including different personality types and communication styles. Learn to adapt your leadership style to meet the needs of the individuals you are leading.


Master a variety of practical communication techniques to engage more effectively with others through respectful and collaborative communication. Topics include: managing your emotions and staying calm, active listening, showing empathy, assertive communication.


Explore various adult learning strategies to help develop the capacity of individuals on your team. Topics include: understanding how adults learn, the coaching approach (including the GROW coaching model), effective questioning techniques, and effective feedback techniques.


Identify key factors which support individual team member performance in order to drive optimum performance in your teams. Practice techniques for delivering effective feedback, including strategies to address underperformance.


Identify and understand the vital factors in creating and effectively leading a high functioning team. Learn to promote positive energisers and develop positive networks. Consolidate past learning and plan strategies for applying ongoing leadership application and development.

Ability to customise management development for your leaders

Designed as a 6-module program, each module is completed in a 3 hour session and ideally completed  over 12 weeks. Small groups of up to 15 participants is recommended. It is also possible to select individual modules instead of the complete program. Talk to us about your goals and we can suggest the best approach for your team.

Invest in your managers for a positive return on investment

Positive leadership, an evidence-based approach to leading and managing others, is shown to improve employee performance, job satisfaction and skill development, as well as reducing employee stress and turnover. Effective leadership is one of the most important components of a successful organisation and positive leadership is proven to be the most effective approach to leadership.

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“What fantastic training provided on mental health in the workplace and the importance of educating and empowering our staff on this topic. The team thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which was engaging and lead by the fantastic Katherine Wagner. Thank you Associated EAP.”

Philip Divilly, Managing Director, Quay Appointments

“We have done several training programs with Associated Employee Assistance Providers and have always found the service and consultation of an extremely high standard.”

Toni Williams, L&D Consultant, Sydney Opera House

“Katherine presented to our team of 40 staff at our annual staff symposium and it was absolutely fantastic. Katherine was engaging and really helped all staff members relate better to each other. We were so impressed we wanted her back for a conference of 150 medical practice managers which also went really well. Very happy with the resources provided by Associated Employee Assistance Providers who helped arranged both the above plus follow up articles. Highly recommended.”

Lucy Peters, Practice Managers Chair, Royal Australian & NZ College of Ophthalmologists

“Effective and caring advice delivered in an easy to digest method.”

Stephanie Hunt, Human Resources Consultant - Storyful

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