Business Coaching

business coaching

Business coaching (also known as Executive Coaching) is a personalised and collaborative relationship between a client and an accredited professional or business coach, often focusing on a series of predetermined outcomes and developmental goals to aid in career progression or solve interpersonal issues in the workplace. 

Coaching is approached as a strategic method by employers for their staff and evidence suggests it can be both beneficial to the employee and company. 

When should I engage an Executive Coach?

Coaching is a proactive approach to professional development. It is often used by employers to aid their staff in:

  • Adapting to new responsibilities
  • Adapting to internal transitions, such as into managerial roles
  • Expanding specific skill sets to comply with their current job title
  • Developing and achieving long term goals
  • Gaining a competitive edge within the company
  • Resolving communication issues or improving communication styles
  • Improving team relationships
  • Resolving interpersonal conflict
  • Improving interpersonal awareness and empathy for others
  • Coaching against inappropriate workplace conduct or interactions

Efficacy of Business Coaching

In conjunction with any outcomes specified by the employer, business coaching has shown to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve team functioning
  • Aid in leadership development
  • Improve employee relations
  • Increase engagement
  • Promote critical and creative thinking

How does Corporate Coaching Work?

Business coaching is conducted as a series of one-on-one sessions, both in person or via video consultation. Each coaching relationship is planned around the specific needs of the client and is customised to assist the personal strengths and objectives of the employee. 

Our business coaches are all experienced and accredited professionals, who incorporate evidence-based diagnostic and self-awareness tools.

Upon request, cursory feedback and recommendations for future support from the coach can be provided to the employer, subject to the staff member’s permission. Whilst the sessions are not subject to the same confidentiality standards as a counselling or psychology session, disclosures made by the employee can be kept private upon request.


Your guidance has been invaluable to me in my personal life and the way I communicate with people in my work life. You have prompted me to look at myself in a different way and react in different ways.

Call us today to arrange a corporate coaching sessions for your staff or for more information about how we can assist you.

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