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Employee wellbeing is critical to workplace performance and productivity.

The correct response to a traumatic event greatly affects long term well being.

We specialise in the provision of corporate learning & development workshops for organizations large and small.

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Be it immediate help supporting your staff or setting up a wellbeing program, we are ready to help. You can expect personal support whether you are a small businesses, a multinational corporations or a Government department.

Let us tailor a better care experience for your staff. Call us on (02) 8007 7474 to get started today.

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Access your EAP service at over 30 locations spanning the Greater Sydney area, capital cities across Australia and by phone or video link.

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Personal care and legendary employee support. Despite our growth, our Employee Assistance Program is personalised and responsive.

We specialise in the provision of corporate learning & development workshops for organisations large and small. Whether it’s stress management, communication skills, workplace bullying, leadership development or cultural change.

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  • STEP ONE – Contact Us Contact our office on (02) 8007 7474 and we can explain how an EAP works.

  • STEP TWO – Select Your Options The backbone of an EAP is access to quality counselling for your staff.

  • STEP THREE – Register Your Agreement We will email you our plain-English Terms & Conditions document to read and sign.

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  • Bespoke packages to suit your business
  • 30+ Sydney locations & National Capitals
  • No lock-in contracts
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  • Super fast 1 hour set up available – start today
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Manager assist line and so much more…

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Customer Reviews

We had to remove a long-time well-loved manager due to harassment. It was an extremely difficult and polarising time for our organisation and very tough for company leadership to navigate. Employee Assistance Providers were instrumental in helping us find a way forward. They organised company-wide workshops on harassment and assisted us in getting counselling for the employees who needed it.

Paula S. February 19, 2022

I can’t recommend the Mindfulness and Wellbeing workshops highly enough. Our HR dept booked this as part of a positive mental health initiative. I’m a bit from the old school where we didn’t talk about feelings or wellbeing at work, so this was new for me. I was, however, extremely impressed by how well it was presented and to see the response from our staff.

Erik W. February 19, 2022

EAP has worked with us to make counselling available to our employees. Right now we are doing a three-month trial, but based on early positive feedback this is something we will likely continue long term.

Sascha R. February 19, 2022

EAP Sydney is our go-to provider when we want to organize specialised workshops for our department. They continue to send great facilitators our way.

Nina C. February 19, 2022

A fellow exec in my network gave them rave reviews so I’m giving them a try. Booked a communication workshop for my team next week. I am really happy with how quickly they were able to set this up for us.

Anthony L. February 19, 2022

We have been using EAP for the past year. They are quick to respond to any questions we have and have provided top-notch guidance for our employees. Team communication and morale have improved tremendously.

Michael D. January 26, 2022

We booked the Bullying/Harassment and Communication workshops. They were both excellent and word of mouth travelled quickly. We usually have a bit of grumbling from employees about having to attend “yet another training”, but the response to these sessions has been overwhelmingly positive.

Brian H. January 26, 2022

Very pleased with EAP Sydney. Kind, compassionate and effective presenters. They went above and beyond – providing lots of additional tips and guidance beyond what was presented in the EAP workshops. Would recommend them to any workplace that is looking for quality employee support.

Jasmine H. January 26, 2022

Associated Employee Assistance Providers consistently provide high-quality training programs. We are satisfied repeat customers.

Steven M January 26, 2022

Truly one of the best sessions I have attended on mental health at work. Katherine Wagner did an excellent job of making our staff comfortable discussing mental health and also armed them with some great practical tools. A really enjoyable experience for all. Well done.

Bernadette. G January 26, 2022

Katherine Wagner delivered a fantastic workshop for our team. Her enthusiasm for the material she is presenting drew the group in, and my staff left with a greater ability to relate to one another. The feedback was so positive that our organisation rebooked her for a larger group of managers. We were extremely pleased with the quality of service and would recommend them highly.

Nathaniel D. January 26, 2022

The EAP trainers had a friendly and accessible style of delivery that worked really well for our team.

Sharon J. January 26, 2022

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