Dan Auerbach

CEO, Executive Coach & Consultant

Dan Auerbach is the founder of Associated Employee Assistance Providers. Dan works with Chief Executives and their teams to best realise their leadership capacity, organisational culture and commercial goals.

He draws on three decades of experience as a Clinical Psychotherapist, Executive Coach and Director of a number of successful businesses. He holds degree qualifications in Commerce and postgraduate qualifications in Psychotherapy.

Dan also facilitates group development experiences for senior teams with a focus on leadership, culture and organisational wellbeing.


Dan has significant experience coaching high-value contributors.

Leading organisations such as Graincorp, NSW Health and MC Saatchi call on Dan to assist members of the C-Suite with:

  1. a confidential space to reflect and develop advanced leadership skills
  2. developing specific leadership characteristics or overcoming limiting character traits
  3. developing executive cohesion or function or cultural change

Dan works with executives to promote personal change at a fundamental level. He is skilled at providing leaders with direct and honest feedback to open up new insight into their functioning. He works with leaders to develop stretch goals and structured experiments to accelerate their leadership growth. Most often this growth results in significant improvements in the leader’s personal well-being and the team culture, as well as contributing to sustainable business performance.

Executives find the work to be stimulating and rewarding. They are able to balance the organisation’s objectives with their unique growth agenda. The focus is on the Executive as a whole person with a focus on personality, personal, relational and corporate history, emotion, intellect, thought patterns and interpersonal style. Dan draws on over 20 years of experience as a clinical psychotherapist and is able to apply various models of personality and change. rather than relying on one-size-fits-all coaching models.

After an introductory meeting to determine personal fit and purpose, an assessment phase may follow to refine the desired outcomes and to determine the engagement. Assessment may include interviews and the deployment of 360-degree feedback instruments to survey a range of evaluators. Alternatively, some engagements have a clear objective, without the need for a formal assessment.

Most coaching engagements range from 6 to 12 months after which the organisation or Coachee may agree to re-contract. The frequency of coaching sessions ranges from weekly to monthly depending on the need and the duration of meetings is between 60 and 90 minutes.

While the focus of Executive Coaching is one to one, opportunities often present to extend the learning to the leadership team or a business unit. Dan can act as a process consultant in various meetings to assist in developing more purposeful and effective communication. He also provides teams with powerful process work opportunities to develop leadership, culture or other identified goals.

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Dan consults with organisations on a range of focus areas including values, cultural change and leadership. He is a qualified assessor and facilitator for The Leadership Circle inventory and Collective Leadership Assessment.

Dan also consults to organisations on mental health, organisational wellbeing and critical incident response services. He is able to provide mediation services as well as assisting organisations to establish their corporate counselling programs.

He has worked with many ASX listed organisations, government departments and start-ups. He is supported by a talented team of consultants, trainers, facilitators and organisational psychologists.