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Returning to work after a loss

workplace grief

Getting back to a normal routine after the loss of a loved one can be challenging. This article provides guidance for employers and their employees on how to best manage the transition back to work.

Key Points for supporting your grieving employee

Talk to the grieving employee about how you can best support them.
Make adjustments to meet their needs.
Encourage your staff to express condolence, exercise patience and be flexible.
Be prepared for emotional ups and downs as a normal part of grief.
Keep an eye out for signs that your employee is not coping, especially if […]

Special Edition: How to tackle Coronavirus Anxiety

During these uncertain times, everyone is feeling extra pressure and stress.

Whether you’re worried about your health or the economy, struggling with the change in routine, or feeling isolated and disconnected, it’s an unnerving situation that we’re all facing. Below are a few tips and techniques that can help to ease anxiety and boost your mood in the coming weeks and months.

Tip 1: Limit media exposure

To avoid alarmist headlines and unverified information or rumours, choose a few trusted and credible sources to get your information. With information coming at us from […]

Workplace adjustments for mental health

As a manager, it’s important to take steps to support your staff’s mental health and make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of an employee with mental health concerns.

There are obvious ethical and legal reasons for supporting an employee with a mental health condition, but it is also in the best interests of the employer. Research shows that a lack of early intervention for employees with mental health conditions costs Australian businesses more than $6.5 billion each year.

Taking mental health concerns seriously and treating employees with compassion is also important for morale. Workplaces […]

Modelling healthy habits at work

Positive change in the workplace starts with management. Don’t just tell your staff what behaviours and habits you’d like to see – show them.

Whether you want to encourage habits that improve physical health and wellbeing, prevent burn out, or foster effective communication, the best way to influence your staff’s behaviour is to change your own. By modelling healthy and constructive habits in the workplace, your staff are more likely to adopt these behaviours for themselves.

Here are 7 healthy habits to keep in mind every day:

Switch off.

Communicate […]

Promoting a Healthy Work-Life Balance

When employees don’t maintain a healthy work-life balance, their productivity at work is reduced. They are also more likely to burn out due to stress, and to suffer from increased physical and mental health issues.

As an employer, you can play a big role in promoting a healthy work-life balance.

The support of employers in implementing policies, setting expectations, and creating an environment that allow for a healthy work-life balance is crucial for staff members to be able to achieve this balance.

Consider these strategies to get the right balance […]

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