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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


1 in 5 complaints received under the Sex Discrimination Act involve a complaint of sexual harassment, and the vast majority of these take place in the workplace (1).

Over 28% of Australian women say they have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as 7% of men (2).

These statistics speak volumes as to the extent of the problem. In addition, the disparity between the statistics regarding women and men highlights the fact that sexual harassment poses a significant risk to women’s equal participation in the workplace, a risk which threatens to reduce the […]

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Working Mindfully

44% of working Australians identify the workplace as a major source of stress*.

1 in 5 have taken time off this year because they felt stressed or mentally unwell**.

It is no surprise that leading corporations like Apple, Google, Nike and Yahoo! actively incorporate mindfulness in their workplaces to help focus attention, reduce stress and generate more effective thinking.

Have your staff focussed on mindfulness today?

Our Mindfulness Workshops can benefit your workplace by reducing stress and stress-related absenteeism, and increasing focus, productivity and creativity in your staff. Choose from a short 90 […]

Making the most of your EAP

EAP News - Workplace Stress

35% of your staff may not actually be aware of your EAP program, or how to access it. Are you making the most of your EAP?

Why increase EAP utilisation?

Increasing the utilisation of your EAP has a number of benefits including:

– Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.
– Happier and healthier employees.
– Employees who are more committed to their job and less likely to seek employment elsewhere^^.
– Employees who are more committed to providing support for their fellow colleagues; creating a more cohesive working environment.

Barriers to EAP utilisation

There are a number […]

Bullying in the Workplace – Your Duty of Care


Businesses owe a duty of care to their workers to protect their ‘health and safety’ at work. This duty of care is set out by the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and includes the obligation to ensure that the psychological health of workers is not put at risk by the work they do, or by the environment within which their work is done.

Recent changes and interpretations of the WHS laws leave no doubt that workplace bullying is considered a risk to the mental health of employees, and that employers are under a legal duty of care to ensure […]

Assessing Workplace Mental Health

Portrait Of Businesswoman Sitting On Sofa In Modern Office

Is your Workplace Mentally-healthy?

Employees of mentally unhealthy workplaces are 4 times more likely to take time off due to mental health concerns compared with employees of mentally-healthy workplaces*.

So what sort of workplace is yours?

Mentally-Healthy Workplaces prevent harm, provide support, teach mental health awareness and value healthy minds.

A mentally healthy workplace is one which:

– Protects the mental health of its employees by ensuring that workplace practices don’t create or exacerbate mental health problems.
– Supports the mental health of its employees with […]