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Assessing Workplace Mental Health

Is your Workplace Mentally-healthy?

Employees of mentally unhealthy workplaces are 4 times more likely to take time off due to mental health concerns compared with employees of mentally-healthy workplaces*.

So what sort of workplace is yours?

Mentally-Healthy Workplaces prevent harm, provide support, teach mental health awareness and value healthy minds.

A mentally healthy workplace is one which:

– Protects the mental health of its employees by ensuring that workplace practices don’t create or exacerbate mental health problems.
– Supports the mental health of its employees with […]

Keeping a Check on Workplace Stress

Healthy workers

Australia is the 9th hardest working nation in the OECD, with full-time workers working an average of 43.2 hours per week.*

Spare a thought then, for the 1.7 million Australians working in excess of 49 hours each week.

That’s around 1 in 7 Australians. And knowledge workers are most at risk, typically falling prey to the technological advances which allow them to take work home – advances which have impacted our work culture to such a degree that workers find themselves unable to switch off, and answerable to their work responsibilities at all times.

How to Recognise Employee Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety have been shown to be key causes of absenteeism and poor performance in Australian workplaces*. Supporting your employees to regain their mental health makes good business sense. But first steps first – how do you know when your staff might be mentally unwell? Some of the telltale signs are listed below. For a more comprehensive approach, you may also want to look into mental health awareness training for your team.

Recognising Depression

Depression is characterised by low mood and depleted energy, a feeling of hopelessness about the future and a sense of low personal worth.

4 […]